API documentation

All data is freely available through our APIs

What is an API

API stands for Application Progamming Interface. It is a way for computer program to communicate with other system, in our case GRSciColl. Anyone can use the GRSciColl API to access the GRSciColl data programmatically.

Editors can also use the GRSciColl API to update the GRSciColl data programmatically. If you are interested in becoming an editor, please check our How-to page.

Introduction to the GBIF API

The GBIF Data Use Club regularly organises webinars on various GBIF-related technical topics. Below is the recorded webinar introducing the GBIF API. It explains how to get started with any GBIF-developed API function (including the GRSciColl API).

Technical Documentation

The GRSciColl API is documented in details here.